Migrating to O365?

Large migrations from Exchange to Office 365 can be quite a challenge. The steps required to migrate are well described and technically not very challenging but in larger organizations maintaining an overview pre-, during and post migration can be a real challenge. Maintaining all sort of lists, spreadsheets and graphs to inform all involved stakeholders can take the same amount of time as the migration itself. In which pace do you need to migrate, how many and which users do you migrate at the same time? This depends greatly on the permissions set to the mailboxes for the individual users and shared mailboxes. It is important to get all users who have permissions on shared or individual mailboxes in the same migration event. Sounds easy but in organizations with over a 1000 users this requires good planning and accurate administration.

Our Solution

DTX has developed a toolkit which gathers all migration meta data and makes this accessible via a user friendly dashboard. During the entire migration all information is gathered and updated in order to provide actual status` to all stakeholders. The users are categorized based on permissions and migrations can easily be scheduled using the wizard tool

Why do I need this?

Inform all stakeholders during the migration project. Especially the support department can benefit greatly from our tool if they have access to actual migration status.

How does it work?

Via predefined background PowerShell scripts the meta data from on-premise and the cloud is gathered in a database. This can be scheduled to run at specified times. This database is accessible via a user friendly dashboard. At DTX we are specialized in migration projects and have learned what information is relevant and to whom during the migration cycles.

About DTX

DTX is on a mission to make cloud migrations a success for all involved. During the entire migration cycle DTX has tools and knowledge available to make Office 365 migrations child’ s play. With our migration toolkit we can support the migration in all phases. DTX was founded in 1999 and has successfully migrated several enterprise companies ranging from 1000 employees up to 25000+. We firmly believe in working together.


  • Gathers permissions set within the Exchange organisation

  • Wizard for creating migration events of users who should be joined

  • Pre-defined roles for all stakeholders involved

  • Simple and easy to use user interface

  • Build in intelligence to create migration event

  • Standard reports available for management and support

  • Scheduled jobs to keep migration status up to date