How to secure and govern your SaaS-applications

All companies face the same challenges nowadays. Cyberattacks are more sophisticated and users, (SaaS)-applications, and data are scattered. Shadow IT is growing fast​ and IT departments struggle to keep up. Current controls are ineffective. How can you regain control and govern it all while increasing security?

How to secure your Office365 with Zscaler 2

This webinar will provide answers to questions about securing your applications and data based on applying zero trust in your company while providing the best end-user experience.

Watch the webinar to learn everything about securing and governing your SaaS applications (for example, Microsoft Office 365). It only takes 30 minutes of your time!

The webinar was hosted by Mowafak Shebib (Partner Systems Engineer @ Zscaler) and Rutger de Boer (Senior Consultant @ Dutch Technology eXperts) and is hosted in English.



Mowafak Shebib

Partner Systems Engineer, Zscaler
Rutger de Boer

Rutger de Boer

Senior Consultant, Dutch Technology eXperts



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